Monday, July 20, 2009

I’m so excited!

I’ve got lots of reasons to be excited!

Just after my last blog post I officially became a mascot for the Duckie Club. My duckie Cuddles is super excited too! Here is a picture of me giving Cuddles a big hug. It’s the best thing I can do for anyone, and Cuddles deserves it because he played a really good game of hide and seek, he hid in a box for several weeks before I found him again! A big thank you to @Manxington and @ShawneeShep for all the hard work they do to run the club. Hopefully together we can all help animals around the world to be happy.

Since my last post I have made lots of new friends on Twitter, and now have over 150 followers. Most of them are real anipals and people, not SPAM bots. I’m excited that my followers are from all over the world. N even helps me say hi to my German followers in their own language. She knows a little bit of German but I’m just a little polar bear I don’t know any! I am fluent in bear growls though, but you would laugh if you heard me because I have a high pitched voice. My twitter friends really mean a lot to me, they constantly make me, Cuddles and N laugh. They are so happy and full of love (well most of the time), I wish all humans could be like that too.

I’m also excited because I’ve been watching the Tour de France. I don’t ride, I once sat on N’s bike and was super scared, but N likes to ride. It also means she’s got more to be happy about which is good cause she’s had a real hard time lately. I have a few favourite riders, N and I don’t always agree on favourites, but mainly I like looking at the scenery so I can tell her where we need to go when we visit one day. N hopes that we can go not next year but the year after and live in Europe for up to six months travelling around. How cool would that be!

N also has good news, she starts a new job soon, so the chance of my moving again and having a better internet connection is not too far away! That will be great because then I can keep better up-to-date with my anipals, and go to the next paw pawty and stuff. It also means that we can get out and do more stuff. But the best thing will be that the rest of my plushie friends can come out of hiding in their boxes and N and I can crochet some new ones for you to meet!

Til next time, here’s a big lavender scent hug from me! *HUGS*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


After looking on Jazzydacat's blog yesterday, I decided I wanted to be a mascot for animal welfare and the Duckie Club. There I am with my duckie Cuddles on the right. In order to become the mascot for the club I have to show people how they can help animals in Australia. I think this a great idea, as I imagine everyone who visits my blog would love animals!

The first thing I thought of was all those poor animals who were injured and orphaned as a result of the Victorian bushfires earlier this year in Australia. While donations for the bushfire appeal are no longer officially being sought you can still donate to the Victorian branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Please have a look at this link to learn how you can help these animals Livestock, wild and domestic animals were effected in this tragedy. There is also lots of information at the Wildlife Victoria site and the Ark Animals site

While you're at the RSPCA site it's worth having a look around as the RSPCA does some great work. They also have animal shelters so if you are looking for a new pet please consider going to see them first. We rescued out cat Molly from a shelter after her mum's owner took her there when she was a kitten.

Also don't forget to check out the blogs in my favourite blog section, especially The Duckie Club. It is a club for animals who have duckies and aims to offer information on how you can help animals in your local area.