Saturday, June 27, 2009

My first blog post!

Hi everyone! My name is StinKy beAr. I'm a little Polar Bear and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Everyone asks me why I'm called StinKy so this blog post is going to give you a bit of history about me.

About 6 years ago I was born inside the Arctic circle (like most Polar Bears) but as a baby I was trapped by a hunter. I was sent to a factory where they putting me in a giant washing machine, filled with nice smelling oils like lavendar. I was then put inside a small box that stunted my growth and shipped off to a department store. I sat inside the box in the store for many months. One day the box was moved to a sale's bin. After a while my human, N, took my home and hid me in her bedroom. She had bought me as a present for her friend D that was coming all the way from Los Angeles to stay for a while. Because I smell nice she thought I might help D sleep as he often had trouble sleeping. I'm not sure that it worked but because I smell of lavendar D called me StinKy!

After many years N and D went their separate ways but remain distant friends. I still live with N.