Monday, January 17, 2011

Bear games

Letter to iPhone gaming industry:

Dear humans,

My buddy @marshallsheldon and I have been having fun playing Words with Friends on our iPods. We are both not very good at this game & suspect chess might be worse so we are getting a bit bored.

We would really like to play others games together however pass n play or over wifi is not an option. You see Marshall lives in Boise & I live in Melbourne.

Obvious choices are other board games, but we're hoping in the future you could make Battle Bears available to us as Marshall and I are really bears!

It's a fun game to play either way so I'll keep playing but I hoped if I wrote to you about our problem you might develop it for us! Gol a bear has to dream!

Love and hugs,
StinKy beAr

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two posts in one day

Hi again,

Just a quick post to say I've done a complete overhaul of the site. I tried to include all the blogs and sites of my pals but I've inevitably forgotten someone. So if I'm missing you feel free to let me know!

HUGS! Good night everybody!

My Twitter Name explained

Hi all,

I thought I would explain to you about my name. It is of course StinKy beAr as I have mentioned before because I used to smell strongly of lavender. However on twitter you of course know me as @TheRealStinky. It's not that I'm real stinky (although it kind of works) it's that when I joined twitter wouldn't let me sign up as @StinkyBear because the name was taken.

I was a little annoyed that there was someone else pretending to be me so like many celebrities I decided to call myself The Real Stinky so you would all know it was me!

I did a quick search just then, I guess that person closed their account and someone else used the name later but they are poor imitators because they only posted one tweet! GOL It's hard to be someone else you're better off just being you don't you think?!

So there it is, I hope that explains a few things.

I know it's been a while since I posted but it was a resolution of mine to get back onto the blogosphere and well here I am. Besides when you promise a friend you will post then they pass away you begin to feel guilty about it. So Mookie thanks buddy for helping me return to doing what I wanted to.

Love and HUGS!!!