Monday, January 17, 2011

Bear games

Letter to iPhone gaming industry:

Dear humans,

My buddy @marshallsheldon and I have been having fun playing Words with Friends on our iPods. We are both not very good at this game & suspect chess might be worse so we are getting a bit bored.

We would really like to play others games together however pass n play or over wifi is not an option. You see Marshall lives in Boise & I live in Melbourne.

Obvious choices are other board games, but we're hoping in the future you could make Battle Bears available to us as Marshall and I are really bears!

It's a fun game to play either way so I'll keep playing but I hoped if I wrote to you about our problem you might develop it for us! Gol a bear has to dream!

Love and hugs,
StinKy beAr


  1. he he - those games sound like fun.

  2. I really hope that Apple comes through and makes more games for you two to play; I always enjoy your banter on twitter when you play games against each other! (And I always root for you to win, Stinky!)