Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm a boy!

Some of my pals think I'm a girl. This is not right because I'm a boy! It was not my fault I was injected with lavendar as a baby bear, the smell has mostly worn off anyway.

To prove that I'm a boy I like racing cars and fighting games, and did you notice my bow is blue?!

(I wish @marshallsheldon could play this game with me!)

I mostly talk about #TeddyBearTopics like caykes and hugs!

So please remember that I am a boy!

Hugs, StinKy beAr


  1. Dear StinKy BeAr,
    Dis iz mai afishal upolagy to u fur finking u mite haz been a gurl. I'm rurrly sawry.
    Puleez fagiv mee.
    Yr furriend,
    @Isagold xox
    p.s. in enny kayse, I doz suppawt same seks marrej... in kayse u lykes ovva boyz, lyke Arfa... puleez don't b fended by dis. ;o)

  2. Hi Stinky da Boy Bear!! HUGS!! xoxox

  3. Why, Stinky, I just always assumed you radiated masculinity and machismo! But I know sometimes confusion happens on twitter. I mean, I'm still trying to figure out whether @MarshallSheldon is a bear or a human.

  4. Hello Stinky, the cake sure does look good! We knew you were a boy bear right away, we boy bears got to stick together!