Monday, April 18, 2011

What have I done wrong??!!

I feel terrible. I don't know what I've done wrong or why all my pals suddenly hate me.

Two-three weeks ago things got very busy at home and I had to pull my weight and help out my human. She is not in a good place financially and is struggling to make ends meet with work and study. She takes one step forward and about five backwards lately! So because she was so busy and I had to help her I did not get a lot of time for my pals on twitter.

Unfortunately timing was really bad and I missed the highlight of the anipal year - the Teddy Olympics. I was sad not to enter but it was great seeing all the awesome pics that my pals had entered. The anipals who ran them were close friends of mine and worked super hard to get the pages ready for this years event and it looked grrreat!

So then yesterday I got back on twitter and was told to collect my medal. But I hadn't entered! Someone had entered an old pic of mine so I didn't miss out. 'No!' I thought. I can't have another pal missing out on a prize when I didn't officially enter. That's not fair for them, they went to all that hard work, while I hadn't. So I asked the judges to remove the picture of me.

To be honest I'm not a massive fan of entering competitions, my human tends to be the competitive one in the family. I don't really like going up against my fellow anipal especially in popularity contests as I think it's not really in the anipal spirit, but that's just me. I also know that I'm never going to be the most popular anipal because I'm not good at conversations and no longer have the time to chat like I used to. But I did want to enter with a picture that I'd made a real effort with, not an old one that was quickly taken - actually it's in the post below; me with the cake.

Now today it was posted that the photo was removed at my request, etc, etc. You can see for yourself on the website. People didn't understand why I wrote it and took it the wrong way. I've been portrayed as some horrible bear who wants to upset everyone and doesn't have fun. But I'm not like that at all. I'm soft and sensitive and it hurts me that people would think bad things about me. I don't understand why people are demonising me when all I ever wanted was for someone more deserving to get my medal!

Now my human and I are both upset and don't understand what we've done that is so bad to deserve what we are going through. I've only ever tried to be a good pal on twitter, I've never meant to hurt anyone. But now I feel I'm left with no friends and all because I took time away to unsuccessfully help my human. And she is sad because she knows how much you all meant to me and would have gladly given up on her study to help me post a real photo if we'd known how much trouble it would cause that I didn't.


  1. Awwww Stinky please don't feel bad. I was just guessing when I saw you tweet that someone had put your picture up because they thought you'd have liked to have entered. Of course they should have asked you first...

    And the folks that matter know why you told them you hadn't put the picture in the competition. Those folks aren't upset.

    Twitter does get tough sometimes because very often it seems that either conversations you're having just seem to end mid-conversation, and you (at least I do) wonder if you'd just bored the other side to sleep. Or folks never answer you in the first place...Sometimes though what happens is the person you're talking with gets buried in replies and doesn't see your reply. So now they think YOU didn't reply...

    So don't worry about that. I and several others always enjoy talking with you. I know the other bears in particular enjoy your conversations!I especially enjoy talking with you because I know you will always respond and it's always a fun time talking with you.

    I and several others are always going to be willing to be your friend, so please keep talking with us. We need you

  2. Och no!!! I got up in the middle of the night not sleeping,and saw all the to and fro.I was beyond sad and did tweet you saying I care.I still do and will do.I was thrilled when you first followed me and that has not changed. Its always good to see you on Twitter.Pasihuggs xx

  3. Oh Stinky - I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding of some kind. I'm sorry this has happened to you. I know we don't talk often because I haven't been on much either, but I can't imagine anyone getting mad at you. I'll tell pals to read this so your message gets out. HUGS pal.

  4. I am so very sorry about all of this. I would never intentionally hurt your--or any pal's--feelings. I did it out of love and thought it would be a fun surprise to perk you & N up; I had no idea this would happen. I'm not saying this to make you feel terrible(er); I've felt absolutely awful about the whole thing. You do not deserve to be villified; you're a great pal and I can't apologize enough to you.

  5. I think of U as my friend, I hope U do the same, you'll always b my friend HUGS xoox sorry you feels bad x

  6. Dearest RealStinky I am so sorry this has happened to you I'm sure its a really big misunderstanding and you certainly haven't lost all your friends we love you lots. I know what it is like when you are helping your human who has a problem and can't get on Twitter so much its the same here so we do understand. Please don't feel that all your friends hate you we don't! I love you lots. I don't see you much cos of those stupid time zone things that get in the way but you are a great pal and I love you loads and loads. I am sure the other anipals do too so please don't despair your friends really do love you and I'm sure it will all be cleared up really soon.

    Lots of love and HUGS HUGS HUGS from Kolo your pal!