Saturday, April 23, 2011

What makes you read a blog?

Writing my next post...

I was just looking at the blog stats for my page and also N's page. It was quite interesting on the whole. A LOT of pals read my first blog post but then it quickly declined from over 100 to just 2. I didn't blog for a while and so the later posts had a few more reads but even my last post which was probably quite controversial only had 75 views.

I wonder how many views aren't being captured. For example I read @Zackrabbit's blog through the Pulse iPhone app. Does it get picked up in his stats?

So I guess it makes me wonder why do people read blogs? Are they dead? Are we just writing for ourselves or just a select few friends? Am I really that boring that only 2 pals wanted to read my post? One of whom is now OTRB!

N's blog has even less views than mine which is understandable as she mostly writes it for herself and doesn't advertise it in anyway. What was interesting is that most of my readers still use Internet Explorer but most of her readers use different browsers. Also I had LOT of people from Russia and the Ukraine who have viewed it?! GOL I wonder why, I'm not sure I know anyone from there at all!!

I have to admit I don't get a chance to read all my pals blogs. I do always read @Zackrabbit and try to keep up with @BorisKitty and @ShawneeShep who update so often! But pals who are not as regular may be missed amongst the others. I wonder if I am just one of those pals to other people?


  1. We try to look at friends' blogs--esp. blogs of other bears!--when they post new things. Sometimes life gets a little busy though, and we get behind. Have a very happy Easter!

  2. I tend to view most blogs with Google Reader...since I'm not actually visiting the blog page itself, I wonder if those stats don't register either? But now I visited this page so I could leave this comment so this should show up at least...oh dog, I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!

  3. I read all your blogs, but does it show me reading? Maybe it confuses Idaho with Russia?