Saturday, June 4, 2011

Attack of the Kitteh (and the Clone)!

So I've already told you about the doppelgänger that my pal @i_am_fuzzy found in an earlier post but I expected that the story would end there. I was wrong!!!!!

What you're about to see may shock you. This guy was pretty shocked anyway...

Today @cokiethecat tweeted this video of a cat but look in the background.

ANOTHER ME!!!!!! ARRRRRGHHHHH!!!! Just how much the clone learnt from that kitteh I'm not sure, but at this point I need to warn you all to be careful of Stinky look-a-likes just in case they are forming some kind of army. Please keep me informed of any further occurrences or possible attack as only I know their vulnerabilities.

In the meantime please have a look at the following to soothe your nerves.

Hugs to you all,
Love StinKy.